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2~8℃ Plug-in Cake Cabinet Cooler

  • HBE-FE-551

  • Highbright

  • HBE-FE-551

Product Description

Stainless steel and aluminum alloy profiles (the shelf spacing can be adjusted freely).

Aluminum fan blade of fan is resistant to high temperature,does not affect rotation speed and is not easy to deform. 

Compared with aluminum core,copper core of condenser fan has high temperature resistance,high stability and high cost.

The ball bearing of evaporation fan is the highest standard in the industry, Low temperature affects the fan speed). 

Shangfang temperature controller (intelligent temperature control,energy saving and power saving,better preservation effect). 

The evaporator and condenser are all copper tubes with internal thread to increase the heat exchange area. Suitable for storing fruit  drinks,cream cakes,etc.

  Plug-in (2~8℃)

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