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By choosing the right refrigeration equipment for your supermarket, you will be able to increase your profits and minimise expenses such as electricity.
Below we list our recommended products, such as supermarket chillers, freezers, deli coolers, cake cabinets, ice cream freezers, and more.
We can assist you with an equipment upgrade, all the way from the design concept to completion.
Our items can be easily mixed or matched, and our experienced team can help you. For further assistance or to organise your personalised consultation, contact us today.
Energy Conservation

Throughout the entire lifecycle, HighBright freezer saves more electricity than its purchase cost.
​​​​​​​Energy saving scheme of full DC inverter system!
Effectively extend the shelf life of food!
Effectively reduce store operating costs!

Refrigerator in supermarket is a complete system.We need to be aware of the importance of collocation.Highbright will design the system for your store.
Quality Control

Highbright test every product before leaving factory.That's why we can be sure every cooler work well when customer receive them.​​​​​​​
Highbright is a professioanl manufacturer and supplier of industrial. The commercial refrigerators and industrial freezers are widely used by supermarkets, foods stores, convenience stores etc. With our manufacturing units in China, we supply the superior quality products with competitive price.

The service department at HighBright provides the highest quality of service for our commercial customers. Our skilled and professional service employees provide 24 hour service with great response times to handle all your emergencies quickly and efficiently. Our team of technicians can handle all your service needs on all brands of Merchandising equipment, Supermarket Refrigeration and Racks. No matter what your refrigeration need is HighBright will be the Specialists to handle the tasks.
  • 1000+
    We helped 1000+ customers open supermarkets​​​​​​​
  • 1300+
    More than 1300 different products give you more choices​​​​​​​
  • 20+
    Experienced salesman will give you advice of starting supermarket​​​​​​​
  • 24H
    Highbright designer will give you supermarket draws within 24H​​​​​​​
Our Products
You can rest assured that repairs are only performed with your prior approval of the work
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In addition to refrigerators, we also provide other supermarket equipment. If you want to open a supermarket, we can meet all your needs​​​​​​​
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