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Our choice the compressors not only have low energy consumption for optimized running costs. They are also very compact and provide good acoustic performance to ensure the best possible end-user convenience. Other features and benefits include:
· Wide evaporating range for improved pull-down capabilities.
· Efficient motor cooling .
· Robust design for reliable operation.
Condensing Units

  • Normal tube layout

    · Regular tube layout, uneven heat transfer
    · Lower heat transfer area
    · Higher heat transfer temp. difference

  • Updated tube layout design

     · Intersect tube layout for sufficient and     even heat transfer
    · Reduce heat transfer temp. difference. Higher evaporating temp. for lower power consumption

  • Normal flat fin

    · Smaller heat transfer area
    · Lower heat transfer area,higer temp, difference

  • New corrugated fin

    · Higher heat transfer area
    · Increased heat transfer area, lower temp difference


Island freezer/Glass door freezer 1 defrost cycle/24hrs at night.
2/3 less defrost heat power consumption.
Lower impact to merchandise temp for better quality.
Lower refrigeration power consumption after defrost.
Ultra-clear glass & Anti-fog Film
 · Heated / Non-heated Available 
 · Multi-specs of Silkscreen 
 · Artistic Structure for Energy Saving 
 · Low Emissivity Tempered Glass 
 · Maximize Product Visibility  
LED Lighting
LED Lighting
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Controller: Italy Carel
The controllers fulfils the main needs required of refrigeration controllers: a simple appearance, extremely intuitive yet highly attractive, featuring a completely flat surface that makes it easy to clean and ensures an excellent level of hygiene.
   Refrigerator Performance Test
   ·Cabinets/Rack temperature and energy performance
 ·Components qualification
 ·Evaporator efficiency improvement
 ·Air curtain optimization
 ·Quality improvement

Thermal Images in the Lab
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