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2~8℃ Plug-in Cake Cabinet Cooler

  • HBE-FE-5510

  • Highbright

  • HBE-FE-5510

Product Description

◆The front glass is double-layer laminated electrically heated tempered glass, laminated glass equipment,machinery instead of  manual,(most of the same industry are The glass is heated by electric heating without laminating treatment, which leads to uneven heating  and easy falling and shaking of electric heating wire, So as to affect the safety and beauty.The sandwich treatment can not only solve these  problems,but also become safety glass,and can To hide the heating wire). 

◆The base is made of baking paint board,which is corrosion-resistant. 

◆Cold air circulation system,the temperature is 2 ~8 degrees. 

◆The use of Shang Fang thermostat.Digital temperature control,clear and visible, more convenient. 

◆The condensing fan adopts aluminum fan blade,which is high temperature resistant not easy to deform and does not affect the speed.  Suitable for storing fruits,cakes,yoghurt,etc.

Plug-in (2~8℃)

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