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-22~-7℃/-6~12℃ AirCooling 4 Solid Doors Dual Temperature Upright Reach-in Refrigerator Commercial Refrigerator

  • HBE-FE-6DUCF140

  • Highbright

  • HBE-FE-6DUCF140

Product Description

Product Features

- The environmental friendly and high-density foaming technology makes better thermal insulation performance.

- The fully enclosed compressor is featured by low noise and low power consumption.

- High-strength adjustable shelf makes it convenient to place items.

- By using microcomputer intelligent temperature control technology, the temperature in the chiller is clear at a glance.

-Detachable door seal makes cleaning easier.

-There's air filter in the front of counter refrigerator,easy cleaning and maintenance.

-The condensed water of the air-cooled workbench evaporates automatically.

Reach-In(-22℃ to -7℃ 、-6℃ to 12℃)
Net capacityR=559L / F=611L
Electrical supply1980W/9A
Electrical capacity220-240V.1∅ 50/60Hz
Temperature-6℃ to 12℃-22℃ to -7℃

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